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Interactive Aquarium Hopes to Revitalize El Paso Mall

REPOST / Original Article / by Iris Lopez - KISS 93.9 FM

Sunland Park Mall (now named the Shoppes at Solana) is adding something new to their list of businesses in the west El Paso mall: Jungle Reef!

Jungle Reef is an Interactive Aquarium and it will be the first and only interactive aquarium in El Paso.

“It will be an interactive aquarium, meaning you will be able to touch and feed and get close and personal with these animals,” said business owners.

I’ve been to tons of Interactive Aquariums outside of El Paso and have always loved taking my son there. So knowing that El Paso will finally have one of its own is exciting to hear! I won't have to travel far away to try something new.

Jungle Reef will have sharks, birds, stingrays, otters, reptiles, and more. It will definitely be a destination location for families, friends, and school field trips.

The interactive aquarium is a family-owned business. The Hepworth brothers have been in the construction business for over 20 years and are no strangers to opening up new and exciting businesses in Sunland Park Mall.

Most recently, the brothers opened “Monkey Rock” which is an entertainment venue that has bowling, arcades, and a full bar and restaurant.

They are excited to bring the community back together through the revitalization of an old retail space and turn it into a destination.

“Having such an entertaining facility will bring over 150,000 people annually through Sunland Park Mall. This foot traffic has proven to bring back life to old empty spaces. We also feel that jobs created from this will help those that would otherwise never have the chance to work in an educational animal environment,” said Jungle Reef owners.

When Is Jungle Reef Expected to Open?

Jungle Reef will be located at 750 Sunland Park Mall.

Updates on opening day will all be worked out during the construction period, but Jungle Reef owners have a tentative opening date for Jungle Reef during Spring 2024.


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