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Great Things are Coming!

We're so sorry for your inconvenience. This section of our website is currently under development while we prepare for our scheduled grand opening in the Spring of 2024. As exhibits are completed and new animals arrive at our location, we will periodically update this web page. While this particular page is under construction, we invite you to check out the rest of our website which is fully functional and full of great information about El Paso's first indoor interactive aquarium.

Be sure to also check out the great deals we are currently offering on our annual membership passes and party packages!


This aquarium is just what we need in El Paso. I can't wait to take the kids for their very first visit.

Diego – El Paso, TX


Unleash Your Interactive Adventure

At Jungle Reef, we're transforming how you explore marine and terrestrial life. Step into a world where you can dive into the underwater realm with sharks, glide alongside graceful stingrays, interact with playful otters, and discover the mesmerizing world of reptiles. But that's just the beginning. Our immersive exhibits will introduce you to a diverse array of species, from colorful birds to captivating reptiles, all in an environment that closely replicates their natural habitats.

Unlike traditional aquariums, Jungle Reef is all about interaction. Imagine reaching out to touch the smooth skin of a stingray, hand-feeding colorful birds as they flutter around you, or having an up-close encounter with our majestic sharks. Our mission is to bring you face-to-face with these incredible creatures, fostering a deeper connection and understanding of the animal kingdom.

Animal & Aquarium Attractions

  • Stingray Touch Pool: Interact with graceful stingrays, experiencing their beauty up close while gaining a deeper appreciation for marine life.

  • Saltwater Touch Pool: Immerse yourself in the world of saltwater creatures, where you can touch and learn about the fascinating inhabitants of the sea.

  • Shark Tank: Marvel at the awe-inspiring world of sharks in an 80,000-gallon tank that brings you face-to-face with these majestic creatures.

  • Fish Tanks: Explore a captivating collection of fish-only tanks that showcase a vibrant spectrum of marine species.

  • River Otter Enclosure: Witness the playful antics of river otters in their naturalistic habitat, promoting understanding and connection with these charming mammals.

  • Koi Pond: Unwind and relax at our Asian-inspired pagoda pond teeming with a variety of colorful Japanese Koi, Goldfish, and exotic catfish.

  • Manicure Fish: Dip your hands into the water and watch the Garra rufa (doctor fish) nibble at your fingers.

  • Turtle Tank: Here's where you can see several aquatic turtle species up close.

  • River Giants: Gaze at freshwater fish native to the streams of the Amazon River and South America.

  • Mermaid Cove: Have a seat in our bleachers and enjoy our live shows, presentations, and meet and greets.

  • Petting Zoo: Come interact with some of our barn animals. 

  • Bird Aviary: Immerse yourself in a serene bird sanctuary, where colorful avian wonders abound.

  • 9 Petting Exhibits: Engage in hands-on interactions through 9 distinct petting exhibits that feature an array of reptiles, mammals, and more.

Planning a birthday party or special event? Look no further – Jungle Reef is here to make your celebration extraordinary. With reasonable pricing and customizable options, your party will be an unforgettable experience.

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