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Topping Off the Shark Tank!

Jungle Reef El Paso is inviting local media to a behind-the-scenes tour as they top off the water in the shark tank, a crucial milestone in construction. Located in the Shoppes at Solona, 750 Sunland Park Drive, Unit A01A (formerly Old Navy store).

Tuesday, November 28th, 10AM

"It's an exciting time for Jungle Reef El Paso as we prepare for the arrival of the sharks," said Jon Hepworth, Jungle Reef EP Partner. "This is a crucial milestone in the construction process."

"We are excited to bring a touch aquarium to the El Paso market," Jon continued. "Visitors can expect an immersive and interactive experience with a variety of species, including sharks, rays, and other aquatic creatures." The team is dedicated to providing an educational and entertaining experience. Jungle Reef El Paso is sure to become a top destination for families and marine life enthusiasts alike.

For those interested in experiencing Jungle Reef El Paso as soon as possible, "Early Bird" season passes are available for purchase at a reduced price through the website This is a great opportunity to secure your spot and be one of the first to explore this exciting touch aquarium in El Paso.

Jungle Reef El Paso is the perfect destination for families and marine life enthusiasts alike. The location will have a variety of species; exotic reptiles, rare birds, interactive exhibits, and educational opportunities. Jungle Reef El Paso is sure to be a top destination for all ages.

Black tip reef sharks will be swimming at Jungle Reef very soon! (Wikimedia Commons)

Stay tuned for more updates as we countdown to the grand opening of Jungle Reef El Paso - where you can touch, learn, and explore the depths of the ocean!

Jungle Reef El Paso is set to open its doors to the public in early February.

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1 Comment

Aadan Flores
Aadan Flores
Feb 25

This place was so disappointing a long line for it to smell and trash all on the floor tanks smelled couldn’t even feed half of the animals lil kids running around being loud and the sharks weren’t even big like the picture says it’s to packed when tbh it’s not even that great 💀💀

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